About Us

Hobart Yachts is owned and operated by Mark and Marsha Stranger.  Both were born in Tasmania and lived almost all of their lives here and love sharing the often hidden wonders of their wild and magnificent island home.

Marsha is a Registered Nurse, a great cook and enthusiastic sailor.  Because she is still struggling to balance her passion for nursing with her love of sailing, she won’t always be a member of the crew.  Gradually the lure of the sea will win … we hope!

Mark spent many years as a forest ranger before a career as an academic at the University of Tasmania.  This new direction enables him to share his enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the natural and social history of the island and indulge his passion for playing in the ocean.  

The rest of the crew will vary, depending on the focus of the trip and the interests and needs of our passengers, but they will always be highly qualified and experienced.  Because of the size of Helsal IV and Magic Miles, the skipper must hold a Master 5/Skipper 3 or higher qualification and the deck crew must also have minimum qualifications to work on a commercial vessel.

Any trip with this crew will inevitably include insights, fun and experiences that make it so much more than a sightseeing tour; you only have to browse some of the Trip Advisor reviews to see that.