Sharing the helm

Hobart Yachts had its first commercial tour on November 24, 2011 and we’ve been going strong ever since.   

It started when Marsha and Mark Stranger bought the magnificent Helsal IV.  They moved onboard and began getting her ready for a new adventure; taking tours around Tasmania’s extensive and often wild coastline and sailing cruises on Hobart’s beautiful big harbour on the River Derwent.  

Hobart Yachts soon established a reputation for excellence and in 2018 we were inducted into Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame.  There are a few things that have made Hobart Yachts what it is today:  A magnificent yacht, a truly spectacular location and a crew who’s enthusiasm and joy in sailing is utterly contagious.   Oh, and the homemade scones get a pretty good rap in the reviews too.

The crew will vary, depending on the focus of the trip and the interests and needs of our passengers, but they will always be highly qualified and experienced.  Many are Sydney to Hobart race veterans with many years experience offshore cruising/racing.  Because of the size of the yachts the skipper must hold a commercial skipper's ticket (Master 5 or equivalent) and the deck crew must also have minimum qualifications to work on a commercial vessel.

Any trip with this crew will inevitably include insights, fun and experiences that make it so much more than a sightseeing tour; you only have to browse some of the reviews to see that.